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Branding · Graphic and Web Design
Video Production · Photo Shooting
Est. 2013 in Rimini, Italy

Skinwear Tattoo Shop - Flyer Rexite - Website Ricci Enrico - Book Binder Silvia Giovanardi - Business Cards Gruppo ASA - Financial Report Carlo Boni - Cards Matrioška Labstore - Bag Performant by SCOA - Book La Fragola de Bosch - Tag This Is Iceland Paolo Lorini - Website Occhi di Gard I Cucali - Cards
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Skinwear Tattoo Shop
Branding / Strategy / Photography / Web Design and Development

UI/UX Design / Web Design
Strategy: Paolo Lorini
Development: Axxion

Ricci Enrico
Branding / Strategy / Photography / Web Design and Development

Silvia Giovanardi
Branding / Web Design and Development

Gruppo ASA
Graphic Design
Strategy: Bart Comunicazione e Marketing

Carlo Boni
Branding / Strategy / Photography / Web Design and Development / Social Management

Matrioška Labstore
Branding / Strategy / Social Management

Performant by SCOA
Strategy: Paolo Lorini

La Fragola de Bosch
Branding / Strategy / Photography / Web Design and Development

This Is Iceland
Branding / Photography / Web Design
Development: Manuel Moreale

Paolo Lorini
Web Design and Development

Occhi di Gard
Branding / Strategy

I Cucali
Branding / Strategy / Web Design
Development: Simone Bonfè

We believe in honest, clean and elegant works.

We can help you channel your potential implementing your idea. We take care of all your needs, crafting specific and targeted solutions.

Get in touch at hello@whitestudio.eu

Alessandro Scarpellini
(+39) 333 4931547
Matteo Ermeti
(+39) 389 6767349
Simone Bertozzi
(+39) 347 7244127

If you prefer to visit us to discuss a project, we are located in Via Broglio 23 Rimini, Italy

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White Studio Manuel Moreale - Designer and Developer